Mobile Deposit Tips

Mobile Deposit was made to help you make your mobile checks quickly and easily. Here are some quick tips and tricks to make sure your deposits are done in a snap!

  1. Endorsement
    Make sure you endorse the back of your Mobile Deposit checks. Digital deposits must be signed before acceptance.
  2. “For mobile deposit only”
    Make sure you write “For mobile deposit only” in the endorsement area of your check. Due to an amendment to “Regulation CC” passed by the Federal Reserve, all checks deposited through Mobile Deposit must contain this phrase or they may be rejected. The measure is intended to protect users from mobile check fraud.
  3. Deposit “Accepted” vs. “Held for Review”
    Watch for the message at the end of your Mobile Deposit session to see if your check was immediately accepted or held for review. Mobile Deposit uses sensitive image recognition software, and anytime it detects the slightest irregularity, it sends the image to be reviewed by a Unitus employee.
  4. Deposit Verification
    If your deposit is immediately accepted, your balance will update within minutes. If it is held for review, Unitus will verify the image and notify you by email within one business day whether the deposit has been accepted or whether the deposit should be resubmitted. If you wish to check your new balance via the Unitus mobile app, log out and log back into your account.
  5. Contact Email
    Notifications are sent to the prime email address for your account. Please make sure we have up-to-date contact info so we can communicate.
  6. File Your Checks
    When you’ve made a deposit via Mobile Deposit, file the check for 30 days for record-keeping purposes, and then you may shred it. To keep your records in order, we suggest writing the reference number on the item once you complete your Mobile Deposit session.

Remember, Mobile Deposit is a free service for members. Keep snapping those checks, and save yourself the time and hassle of making a special trip to the branch!

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