What precautions does Unitus take with regards to computer security?

The security of your personal information is of the utmost importance to the Credit Union. We have state-of-the-art systems to secure our computer servers and networks, and several additional layers of security to ensure your personal and account information remains safe and secure. Listed below you’ll find information about some of the measures we have in place. Of course, there are details that we can’t provide in order to maintain the integrity of our security systems.

  • Firewalls protect our network from outside intrusion by state-of-the-art redundant and load-balanced firewalls preventing non-authorized access to our internal systems.
  • Secure transmissions ensure that information remains confidential. Encryption technology protects data in the following ways:
    • Authentication ensures that you are communicating with us and prevents a computer from impersonating Unitus.
    • Confidentiality is maintained by using encryption to scramble your data so it cannot be read by an unauthorized party.
    • Data Integrity verifies that the information you send to us is not altered during the transmission.
  • Computer anti-virus protection detects and prevents viruses from entering our network systems.
  • Advances in security technology are constantly evaluated to ensure that we provide the right protection for you.

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