Descriptive Video Transcript: Unitus Cares About the Communities We Serve

Audio: [Upbeat music plays]

Visual: Bicyclist traveling across the Hawthorne Bridge in Portland, Oregon. Female Unitus employee seated in Unitus branch. [Text on screen] Aimee Berg, Community Development Manager.

Audio: One of the benefits of working for Unitus is that we provide unlimited hours to volunteer in our community.

Visual: Female Unitus employee seated in corporate office. [Text on screen] Jessica Brown, Vice President, People & Culture.

Audio: As the mentor for the Rose Festival princess that experience was pretty incredible.

Visual: Female Unitus employee seated in Unitus branch. [Text on screen] Itzel Figueroa, Gresham Assistant Branch Manager.

Audio: The one that I love volunteering for is the Gresham Senior Center. So, last year we were able to help them raise funds for them and it was very rewarding.

Visual: Unitus Community Credit Union logo. [Text on screen] You. Us. Unitus. [Fade to black.]

Audio: [Upbeat music fades out]

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