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Unitus Offers Improved Self-Guided Learning Tool for Members: Financial Life Minutes

Unitus Community Credit Union has introduced a new online learning center to provide members with accessible financial education on their own time.

The program, called Minutos de vida financiera, contains a series of short interactive videos that teach members crucial financial life skills and help them develop action plans to create positive long-term change.

“We are thrilled to offer these high quality videos to our members in conjunction with Everfi, a fast-rising innovator in approachable financial education,” said Laurie Kresl, Vice President of Marketing & Brand Development at Unitus.

“Financial education can be daunting but their user-friendly approach makes it easier to grasp the concepts and with the format being short segments, it fits into people’s busy schedules better than ever. We think this program will give our members a strong advantage and further our mission to help improve our members’ financial well-being now and into the future.”

All of the videos, or “modules,” are mobile-responsive and can be played, paused, and picked up again across any internet-connected mobile device. Most take five to seven minutes to complete.

There are 24 modules to choose from, walking members through major financial topics for all life stages.

Specific modules include:

  • Ahorro
  • Credit Scores & Reports
  • Taxes
  • Insurance
  • Inversiones
  • Mortgages
  • Préstamos para automóviles
  • Retirement 101

“After experiencing how well these videos simplify complicated financial concepts, I was not surprised to hear that Everfi just raised $190 million in investment funds,” said Ryan Jones, Digital Marketing Specialist at Unitus.

“How do you know you’re saving enough for retirement? I have lost sleep worrying about my retirement savings, but the ‘Retirement 101’ module helped me realize that I could contribute a little more each month and still live comfortably today.”

Unitus adds Minutos de vida financiera to their repertoire of financial education tools designed to encourage self-learning and growth, including their online blog, their Unitus Pathfinder Guide, and various other financial fitness tips found on their website.

The new program offers a self-guided alternative to their frequent no-cost financial seminars available to members and non-members in the community.


Publicado por: Jacob Schnee

Sobre el autor: Jacob se unió a Unitus como Especialista en Marketing en marzo de 2015 y pasó a Especialista en Comunicaciones de Marketing en marzo de 2017. Su experiencia ha abarcado la hostelería, el desarrollo de negocios, la consultoría y el marketing en varias industrias a lo largo de la costa este, la costa oeste y en el medio. Cuando no está desarrollando comunicaciones internas y externas para Unitus, se dedica a la aptitud recreativa, estudiando los tipos de personalidad y explorando el aire libre con su esposa y su perro.

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