Calling All Kids! National Youth Week Is Almost Here!

What's a Robot's preferred way to save? Auto-mat-ically!

Unitus is back at it, helping parents teach our littlest members that it’s never too early to start saving!

During National Youth Week, we’ll show both kids and parents alike that saving is not only beneficial for your financial wellness – it can also be fun!

Youth Week, from Monday to Friday April 23–27, will feature fun activities for kids in every Unitus branch!

What’s more, every child age 11 and under who opens a uSavers account or makes a deposit into an existing youth account will be eligible for fun prizes that week!

They could even receive a super cool Moonjar Moneybox Tool Kit and a coloring sheet to match this year’s theme, The Science of Saving!



All week long, we’ll be asking kids and parents alike:


“Can you save for the future?”


Learn the Science of Saving at your credit union


Now It’s Your Turn To SAVE the Date For Youth Week!


P.S. Another cool part of being a uSavers kid (11 years old or younger) is that you get our new and improved Making Cents Newsletter!

It’s a fun worksheet packed with activities like challenging math word problems, puzzling anagrams, and side-splitting jokes.

You will get a new one at your door every few months, just for being a uSavers kid!

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