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Por qué una transferencia de saldos puede ser el mejor remedio para la resaca navideña

Transfer your credit card balances and relax

Even the best of us might have found ourselves overindulging during the holiday season. A long string of parties, get-togethers, and feasts among family and friends can take their toll. Of course, while our belts may be loosening, our budget might suddenly start tightening!

After the holiday glut of shopping, gift-giving and travel, many of us start the year with a big hit to our financial health.

“While our belts may be loosening, our budget might suddenly start tightening!”

A balance transfer can be a great way to get us back on track with our yearly goals. (And help with our monthly expenses.)

Here are a few reasons to consider a balance transfer this month:

Pay Down Your Credit Card Debt

  • If you carry a balance on a credit card, the national average will have you paying an exorbitant 16% in interest. (per Com’s regular monitor)
  • If you are like many who carry a balance on more than one card, this debt becomes harder and harder to break free from, and can turn into a steep downward spiral.
  • A balance transfer simplifies life, allowing you to consolidate all those cards into one single monthly payment.
  • A balance transfer helps you lower payments, giving you a lengthy grace period where you can pay a lower APR* on your balance (ours is only 2.99%!). This can save you a ton of money and help you get out of debt.
  • Plus, our offer has no balance transfer fee. (Most other institutions will charge a fee of 3-5% of the total balance to recoup some of the money you save. We think you should keep more of your money, period!)

Upgrade Your Credit Card

  • It’s good to mind the interest, but remember that a balance transfer also brings a new card, plus all the perks that card has to offer. Look for one with a strong rewards program that gives you many options to redeem points.
  • The Unitus Platinum Rewards Visa gives 1 point for every dollar spent, and is redeemable for a variety of things including gift cards, cash back, travel, live events, and even paying down the principal on a Unitus loan.
  • There is no inactivity fee or over limit fee. Plus there’s no annual fee, which many other cards have.
  • The Unitus Platinum Rewards Visa also offers fraud text alerts for instant notification of suspicious activity, reducing potential harm from fraud.
  • Our Visa also supports digital wallet capability like Apple Pay and Visa Checkout.

Enjoy a New Credit Card Provider

  • Updating your credit card also means updating your credit card provider.
  • Unitus services our credit cards locally, so if you call in for assistance you will speak with someone at our headquarters in downtown Portland.
  • Our Visa cards are backed by Visa’s Zero-Liability Protection, Visa Fraud Protection, Visa Auto Rental Insurance, and more.

If the holiday season has left you a little lighter on funds than you would like, start 2018 on strong financial footing with a balance transfer.

Once you start down the right track, the rest of the way becomes clearer and easier to travel. Future you will thank yourself (at least until the 2018 holidays roll around!).

*APR = ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE. Rates are variable and range from 9.24% to 16.74% as of 1/1/2018. Rates are adjusted quarterly and are based on the U.S. Prime Rate plus a Margin. Maximum Rate is 18.00%. When you open your account, the applicable APR is based on creditworthiness. After that, your APR will vary with the market based on the prime rate. We may change the rates, fees, and other cost information at any time in accordance with applicable law, along with the Credit Account Agreement and Disclosure, that will be sent to you. Foreign transaction fee: up to 2% of the U.S. dollar amount of the foreign transaction.

Publicado por: Jacob Schnee

About the Author: Jacob joined Unitus as Marketing Specialist in March 2015 and transitioned to Marketing Communications Specialist in March 2017. His experience has spanned hospitality, business development, consulting, and marketing in various industries along the east coast, west coast and in between.

Cuando no está desarrollando las comunicaciones internas y externas de Unitus, se dedica al fitness recreativo, estudia los tipos de personalidad y explora la naturaleza con su mujer y su perro.

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