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  • Earn more rewards on payments you already make by using your Unitus card.
  • Make shopping faster and easier by going digital.
  • Keep your finances more secure by signing up for instant text notifications.

Turn Recurring Payments Into Bonuses

If you aren’t doing this already, here’s a great, easy trick to rack up more rewards points. Use your Unitus card to make recurring payments, like the ones below. This is especially strong combined with our Platinum Rewards Visa rewards program.

Here are some common payments all of us make regularly:

  • Internet service
  • Cell phone plan
  • Streaming services
  • Insurance – home, renters, auto or more
  • Car payments
  • Pet care and supplies
  • Utilities like water and electric

If you transfer any of these payments directly from a checking account, see if you can charge them to your Unitus credit card instead and rack up the points!

Remember: no amount of rewards is worth increasing your debt. Always be sure to review your monthly credit card statement and pay off your full balance each month. Never charge over your limit, and try to stay at a low utilization rate. Learn more about how to get great credit.

Make Quicker, More Secure Retail Purchases

Sign up for Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, or one of the other digital payment options and check out faster and more securely thanks to the tokenization technology. Accepted at retail establishments across the country.

Keep Your Finances More Secure

Although we don’t like to think about it, recent events have made it more difficult to ignore that our information may never be completely safe. One of the best ways to reduce the damage caused by fraud is to catch it quickly and take action.

We encourage all of our members to sign up for fraud text alerts through uOnline or at a branch. That way you will be notified instantly via text of any suspicious behavior on your account.

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