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3 Exciting Programs to Help You Close on Your Dream Home

Unitus Mortgage members closing on their dream home

Let’s face it: buying a home isn’t easy. It’s a process that needs a lot of moving pieces to come together.

Between the preapproval, the neighborhood scouting, the open houses, the strategic offers, and all the other little things, it can feel frankly overwhelming.

That’s where Unitus Mortgage helps.

We know it’s hard, and we specialize in helping you simplify the process. We are always at work to make the process easier to move into your dream home.

In fact, we have created three special programs that make it easier to buy a home. (Plus an extra program that helps you borrow against your home’s equity, if you already own one, for daily expenses.)

Each of these ideas started with feedback from you, our members, and they have already helped change the lives of many families in our community.

Here are 3 programs (plus one) that could help you close:

1. First Time Homebuyer Loan

It can help you if: You have good credit and good income, and haven’t owned a home in the last 3 years! Especially if you haven’t built up large savings amounts yet due to loans and other expenses, but you have reliable income.

How it helps: It allows you to borrow up to 100% financing on your home! That means:

  • You don’t need to save up a huge 20% down payment (or even 10% or 5%!)
  • You can break the cycle of renting and move your family into your own home
  • You can buy a home without a huge amount saved up

2. Renovation Loan

It can help you if: You have your eye on a new home that will need a repair or two, or if you’re looking at a “fixer-upper”

How it helps: If your new home needs some work done, you can finance the cost of that work into your mortgage! That could save you thousands of dollars. It can also help you move in earlier and protect your current savings by spreading the home improvement costs throughout your loan.

3. No Appraisal Loan

It can help you if: You’re having trouble booking an appraiser, if you have a contingency loan and you want to close on your new home faster, or if you just want to save time and money buying your home!

How it helps: This allows you to skip the appraisal step of the home buying process. This can save you hundreds of dollars. It can also help you close weeks or even months sooner. Any home can qualify so be sure to ask us about it!

4. Reverse Mortgage

It can help you if: You are a homeowner age 62 or older, you have paid off your mortgage, and you want to supplement your everyday cashflow

How it helps: It allows you to borrow from your home’s equity as another source of cash. There are no payments due and no prepayment penalties. You’ll just accrue interest as you borrow.

Which of these programs can help you?

Is there something you don’t see here that would help you get into your dream home?

Let us know!

Call your Unitus Mortgage team at 503-423-8713, or reach out to us through our Unitus Mortgage page.

We live to educate our members and make homebuying more approachable.

Unitus Mortgage is a division of Unitus Community Credit Union

Posted By: Brad Goodenough

About the Author: Brad joined Unitus Mortgage in November of 2013. He began as a dedicated mortgage originator and has developed into a results-oriented sales manager focused on maintaining a high level of service and integrity across the Home Loan team. 

Throughout his career in financial services he has gained expertise in multiple lending platforms and local housing markets. He owes his success to his first professional priority: to add value to his community by sharing knowledge and always providing honest, reliable information.

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