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Upgrading Your Digital and Mobile Banking Isn’t Rocket Science – For Us, It’s More Important

Unitus CEO: Steven Stapp

A Message From the President & CEO

In 1961, President John F. Kennedy declared that the United States would go to the moon.

At that time, our rockets used analog technology and could barely reach the limits of earth’s atmosphere.

It required a remarkable team effort to reach these heights – from the astronauts who bravely rode atop the blazing inverted candles, to the engineers who experimented and tested systems, to the mathematicians who calculated the impossible.

Countless movies have been created to portray this powerful story.

Our uOnline upgrade will arrive soon

Sure, this project won’t be as life-changing for the whole nation as the moon shot was. But for the people in our community, it is even more important.

It will be a big improvement that will affect you, our members, every time you log in.

And like the moonshot, it will require a group of individuals here to work well together in excellence toward an important shared vision.

For us, that vision is to do the right thing to make our members happier, and to inspire our members with how far we will go to help them realize their dreams.

This online and mobile banking upgrade will help put more power in your hands to create your brighter future:

  • Prevent overspending with custom balance alerts pushed right to your phone
  • See the complete picture with a full list of your financial accounts – from any financial institution
  • Give back to your friends, family and future with quicker, easier money transfers

And that’s only the beginning.

Visit our dedicated uOnline upgrade page to learn more about the upgrade.

Our members deserve excellence

We chose our new digital partner after months of evaluation from a long list of potential service providers.

They provided the best solution for our members, including the utmost security features in an integrated platform that feels nearly identical across all devices.

Our members will have us at their side

Change is never easy. We know that. Here are some things we’re doing to help smoothen the transition:

  • The upgrade will come in phases. Beginning with an upgrade of our existing features, it will continually expand to give members more tools including person-to-person transfers, business services, and more.
  • Members will help guide us. Before launching the upgrade, a group of members will help us test the upgrade and share feedback from their perspective – so we can improve the member experience more before
  • Unitus employees will be ready to walk with our members. Employees across the organization have been involved in months of planning, integrating our systems, testing, refining, and product training – all so we’re more ready to assist members in need.

During one of his tours of NASA, President Kennedy asked a man sweeping trash in the corner of the building what his job was. His answer? “To put a man on the moon.”

Ask any Unitus employee from any corner of our credit union the same question, and their answer will involve “serving our members” in one form or another. It’s just in our DNA.

Everything we do starts with you, our members. We’re excited to take this step forward together.

About the Author: Steve Stapp joined Unitus as President/CEO in September of 2016. He guides strategic leadership for the Credit Union by partnering with the Board of Directors, leadership team, and staff in establishing long-range goals and strategic initiatives that provide superior member value.

Steve enjoys promoting credit union systems in developing nations as a board member of the World Council of Credit Unions, helping expand the credit union network domestically and internationally as a board member of the CO-OP Shared Branching Network, and educating people throughout the credit union industry with regular presentations on strategic planning, growth initiatives, and more.

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